Friday, 11 June 2010

Jumping Off Of A Cliff

Do you ever just fucking hate yourself?
Like no matter how much you want to make things okay, no matter how important the situation, you just can't seem to stop yourself from fucking it up over and over again, and you just want to smash your own face in with a hammer?
Today I jumped off of a cliff and i really thought it would at least work a small bit toward clearing up the trail of shit and self-destruction that I have left in my wake. I'm not sure if it has at all, I just know that the result has left me knowing that I still won't fucking sleep.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Touch The Sky

Well my GCSEs are actually going quite well, despite feeling ill in one exam and my calculator not working in another in which a calculator was necessary. Anyway, these excuses are pointless because they can never be utilised.
Overall, though, I'm happy with how they are going.
But to judge somebody's ability and knowledge in such a broad subject as, for example, History, based on one or two short sittings is ridiculous, and yet that is how most of the world operates; with an education system powered by exams.
The system is almost a filter. The establishment picks the young people that appear to be suitable for society and presents them with an opportunity to work for the establishment. The present day is a dystopia.
Even though the whole concept is disgusting, I play the game...
Let's see if I can touch the fucking sky.